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Louis Vuitton 836296 Axel Sneaker Boot In Damier Embossed Leather Brown
Louis Vuitton 836296 Axel Sneaker Boot In Damier Embossed Leather Brown
Louis Vuitton 836296 Axel Sneaker Boot In Damier Embossed Leather Brown
Louis Vuitton 836296 Axel Sneaker Boot In Damier Embossed Leather Brown

Louis Vuitton 836296 Axel Sneaker Boot In Damier Embossed Leather Brown

Louis Vuitton 836296 Axel Sneaker Boot in Damier Embossed Leather BrownLouis Vuitton 836296 Axel Sneaker Boot in Damier Embossed Leather Brown- Double Zipper at the back of the shoe for extra style and convenience
- Leather label with rbber LV insert
- Removable anatomic insock
- Very...

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