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Louis Vuitton Leopard Patent Leather Shoulder Bag M11530 White
Louis Vuitton Leopard Patent Leather Shoulder Bag M11530 White
Louis Vuitton Leopard Patent Leather Shoulder Bag M11530 White
Louis Vuitton Leopard Patent Leather Shoulder Bag M11530 White

Louis Vuitton Leopard Patent Leather Shoulder Bag M11530 White

Louis Vuitton Leopard Patent Leather Shoulder Bag M11530 WhiteDetail:- Leopard Patent Leather?
- Gold Hardware?
- Double leather handles?
- Fabric lining?
- Inside zip pocke?
- Size: W40 x H27 x D16 cm(1"=2.54cm)
- Comes with: serial numbers,authenticity card,dust bag...

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