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Louis Vuitton M94074 Flore Saumur Corail Off-White
Louis Vuitton M94074 Flore Saumur Corail Off-White
Louis Vuitton M94074 Flore Saumur Corail Off-White
Louis Vuitton M94074 Flore Saumur Corail Off-White

Louis Vuitton M94074 Flore Saumur Corail Off-White

Louis Vuitton M94074 Flore Saumur Corail Off-whiteBrand: Louis Vuitton
Ref: M94074
Series: Cruise 2012 Fashion Show Collections
Type: Shoulder Bags
Color: Corail
Material: Calf Leather
Season: Spring/Summer 2012 Collection
Size: 32 x 23 x 13 (cm)


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